Who Me?

I love my little angel WyWy and my cuddle bear Walkie with every ounce of my being.  I love the Lord and know in my heart that he truly is.  I married a good man, amazing father, best friend, one of those guys, you know that's just a cool guy, great sense of humor, loving, extremely intelligent, tall, handsome......... you get the point.

I love the color white, cupcakes, laughing so hard that no sound comes out, the underdog, listening to my son make super cool sound effects when he is telling me a story or playing, big families, taking communion at church, mexican food, being from Texas, the wisdom of an old soul, helping people get through tough times, motivating people to do what they really love, people who are confident, people who are genuine and people who tell it like it is.  I know it's a cliche but the truth will set you free, always.  I love to do things for people and when I have it - I love to buy my family and friends lunch or give them presents, throw them a surprise party,  etc.  I have always been this way and it always comes back.  Unconditional love can fix anything.  One of my favorite quotes is the "soul of parenting is the capacity for sacrifice" - if you get this as a parent, your going to have some amazing adult children.  You can tell me you love me all day, but if you show me you love me, you just made the world a better place.   Second favorite quote "some milk and cookies" by Bernie Mac, hahahahah, inside family joke!  Love it!!  If your a male, you should know how to change a tire and if you pass a woman with a flat and don't stop to help, then that's just a travesty in my opinion.  I think it's a wife and mother's job to be the heart of the home, to bring the family together, to make a place to come home to, that feels good when you pull in the driveway -- you know that feeling.  Oh and why can't people talk about politics and religion -- I love healthy debate.  This list could go on and on and I actually really love typing my random thoughts -- if you haven't done it try it!  I think I will be adding to this........

But for now, if your still reading this then you might be curious about my photography.  It's pretty simple, I love it.  I have loved it for a long time.  I'm the kind of person that can be stopped in my tracks by a beautiful, creative image.  Some people love shopping, movies, cars, hunting, running marathons, etc. -- I love photography, I love lots of other things too but photography is becoming my front runner.  It makes me happy and it's something that I'm passionate about.  I love bright colors, photos that pop, I love the rule of thirds and most of my photos show that (a little off centered).  I love decorating a home with large quality photos.  It just looks amazing and makes a home a home.  I would choose a black and white canvas photo of my two boys shirtless and laughing hanging above our breakfast table vs. a stock print of a floral arrangement any day of the week.  I'm somewhat obsessed with making a photo perfect.  I can guarantee that you will love your photos and if you don't I will do whatever I have to do to make sure you love it.  Otherwise, what's the point?

Thanks for reading about me!

Love always,